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From Star Elite Defense, LLC. Instructor Bob Haygood.

Firearms and Texas LTC Instructor – Star Elite Defense Private Range located near Lampasas, Texas

Texas Handgun LTC Instructor for proficiency testing after completion of on-line test provided here.

Private Classes

Please call or contact me on email to confirm dates and start times.  Coaching will be custom to your needs and ability. We can work on the beginner basics as well as advanced drills with coaching to sharpen skills. Being a private range, the flexibility in training techniques go beyond a public range.

Available Dates & Times

Sept 11 through 16 – Anytime
Oct 9 through 14 – Anytime

Hourly Classes

From Star Elite Defense, LLC. Instructor Bob Haygood.

$75/hr per person with a two hour minimum.

Daily Classes

From Star Elite Defense, LLC. Instructor Bob Haygood.

$350 per person. Classes last 5 – 6 hours.

Star Elite Defense


Preparation and Tuition

Please bring an open mind to learn and test yourself, handgun, tactical holster (no serpa holsters allowed), 2 mag pouches and at least 2 extra mags, round count will vary according to class, hat, long britches, eye and ear protection, knee pads if you have them, food and hydration. We will not stop for a long lunch but take breaks where needed and a brief lunch/food break.

$75/hr per person – two hour minimum
Day Class: 5-6 hours — $350

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Shooting Methods of Star Elite Defense

Hello from STAR ELITE DEFENSE LLC near Lampasas, Texas. I wanted to share a few pictures of mounted shooting that along with 25 years of defensive and tactical training, help me establish what I think is very important to defense shooting methods. 

All defensive shooting is TASK driven and depends on the weapon at hand, time, and distance. I have included rifle pics for the mounted shooting, and the methods I am going to emphasize can apply to a carbine, shotgun, or pistol, but let’s concentrate on the pistol.

As you look at these next pictures and view the movement that is taking place on my horses, I CAN PROMISE YOU that I am not focusing on the front sight while shooting these targets on the move. I am in a hurry and the distance is within 7 yards and more often closer.

Only being in fist fights, along with intensive sparring from white belt up to black belt tests over a 10 year training period of formal martial arts, left me thinking about how fast and unpredictably a defensive situation happens. With someone swinging at you (or shooting) and both bodies in motion (like shooting on a moving horse), one will not have time to see the front sight which is drilled and taught by most instructors. 

Don’t get me wrong, I believe in front sight focus. Shooting over the years horseback and then getting coached by one of the best law enforcement trainers in the country (Brian Hoffner), along with other great instructors, over a 25 year span, this is my conclusion on the methods I will coach on defensive shooting on my private range. 

  1. Within 3 yards distance and time is of most importance to get the shot off.  TARGET FOCUS- NO SIGHTS – ONE HANDED THUMB DOWN GRIP SHOOTING FROM RELAXED RETENTION 
  2. Within 10 yards distance and time is critical. TARGET FOCUS – SIGHT ALIGNMENT- 2 HANDED PALMS CRUSHING GRIP
  3. Beyond 10 yards, and time is not an issue (or you can slow down enough to acquire the front sight), and precision is critical. FRONT SIGHT FOCUS, TARGET BLURRED – 2 HANDED PALMS CRUSHING GRIP

I think all 3 of these methods will round you out in any defensive situation and even help in competitive shooting. Most facilities a good majority of shooters have access to, don’t allow you to draw and shoot on the move. Training with me at my ranch and private range, allows us to implement and engage in all these methods. I even have horses to test your skills on if you can ride and shoot up to 30 mph!!

 I will be posting some static and movement drills to demo these methods of shooting soon.

Message from Bob Haygood, Certified Instructor

I recently watched a short news brief on stolen valor. Someone pretending to be a military hero that was not.

It is amazing to me people claim to be something they have not put blood, sweat, and courage into. Stealing military or LEO valor really is awful. Those are the true hero’s that protect us on a 24/7 basis.

Kind of goes hand in hand with training. Just because you own a gun or have a License to carry, does not make you proficient with a firearm no more than carrying a tourniquet makes you a doctor.

When you come train with me at Star Elite Defense LLC,  you are not getting an instructor that has been in the military or law enforcement. You are getting a civilian that has been shooting and competing in all shooting disciplines since 6 years of age. You are getting someone that has trained at numerous schools/classes over the past 21 years with true hero’s in military and law enforcement.

One which I am certified by (in his training system) that is my tactical mentor, BRIAN HOFFNER. Brian is a Retired Houston Police Dept. SR Instructor and military Vet.

My point is there are many great instructors in Texas and across the country. Whether you come train at my private facility or not, seek training from someone that has put time into striving for a better way to shoot and survive in that terrible and ugly moment of conflict that no one wants to happen.

That is what we are trying to accomplish at SED LLC.

I say “WE” because I am passing knowledge on from guardian hero’s that I have learned from over the past 21 plus years.  At STAR ELITE DEFENSE, we also have guest instructors such as what will be in the attachment.

They offer a world of skills and shooting combat knowledge. If you carry a pistol, thinking about carrying a pistol, or just want to expand your skills, consider to come train. Train to protect yourself, your loved ones, friend, and community. As Hoffner says, train to be a sheepdog and allow others to be sheep.

Please feel free to pass this on to any responsible citizens that you know and would like to further or begin to enhance their shooting skills.


Bob Haygood

Star Elite Defense, LLC


Gained knowledge attending numerous other schools/classes in Texas, Colorado, Nevada and Oklahoma with other Law Enforcement, Numerous Retired Green Beret Special Forces, Retired Navy Seals, Massad Ayoob Mag 20 Class, Joe Alesia – Instructor for the L.A. County, California Sheriff Dept., trained with Rob Leatham and Mike Seeklander on advanced shooting techniques and training methods. Bob has also been shooting numerous USPSA/IDPA/3 GUN competitions for the past 30 years.

CHY YON RYU BLACK BELT and numerous other knife and hand to hand training clinics/classes since 1988.


Nick Ratcliff


In addition to serving in the military, Nick also spent a decade in private high threat security for American Officials in Iraq. He was selected as one of the original members of the HELICOPTER INSERTION RESPONSE TEAM (HIRRT) which served as a quick reaction force for BAGHDAD and the surrounding areas once the US MILITARY pulled out.

Nick was later recruited to become the Security Program Manager for an oil and gas block in northern Iraq that covered a territory of more than a 1000 SQ miles. In this position he led and managed a force of over 100 private security personnel in addition to multiple detachments of Peshmerga Oil Protection Force Soldiers.

Heather Eckert

Heather was a Criminal Justice Major and has actively been involved in Law Enforcement since 2010. Heather is CERTIFIED MASTER FIREARMS INSTRUCTOR, HOLDS MULTIPLE FIREARM RBT/FORCE ON FORCE and SPECIALTY TRAINING CERTIFICATIONS. She is an active member of ILEETA, IALEFI and IAWP. Currently she serves as a Texas DPS LEVEL 111 FIREARMS and ACADEMIC INSTRUCTOR in the DFW area.

Through her years of instructing and working with multiple departments across the country she recognized the dire need for advanced firearms DT and Mental preparedness training for officers and civilians. She formed E4 DEFENSE LLC. In addition, Heather provides consultation for numerous LEO DEPARTMENTS, and PRIVATE SECURITY COMPANIES.

Austin Black

Austin got his start in cowboy action shooting when he was 13 years old. He won several state championships, 1 national and 1 world championship. He has also competed in Steel Challenge and IDPA, and worked stage design for both of these shooting sports.

He is NRA Certified as a Pistol Instructor and as Range Safety Officer, as well as a DPS Certified LTC Instructor. He enjoys barbecue, blues music and dad jokes.

Josh Greenough

Josh is from Northern California and grew up shooting with his grandfather at a very young age. He joined the army in 2012 and spent his time in the infantry with the 10th Mountain Brigade out of Fort Polk in Louisiana until 2016. When he transitioned out of the military, he moved to Austin, Texas to pursue a career in the firearms training industry.

Josh is NRA Certified as a Pistol Instructor and is a DPS Certified LTC Instructor. He likes his steak medium rare with a side of baked potato.

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